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Make Sure the City Council Approves Funding for Magnuson Park

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Contact City Council Members Today!! Tell Them to Support the Magnuson Park Phase 2 Project in the 2006 Budget!!! No More Delays!!!

We are at a pivotal point in the campaign to get a new, magnificent Magnuson Park for our community and our city. We need to make sure that the city council members know that there is strong, widespread support for the current plan to rebuild Magnuson. These plans include two new, full-size, synthetic soccer fields, along with many acres of new wetland and habitat.

In brief, here are the key points we need to convey to the council (for a full description, read on below):

  1. I support the construction of Magnuson Park as soon as possible. The council approved the project in June of 2004. Design and planning has been done. The money to do the project is in place. No more delays waiting for someone