Verns Hat League (2018)

Event Type
Hat League
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Seattle, WA

Verns League is a TEACHING LEAGUE for beginners and intermediate-level players. NO EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED!  See below for league details and captaining information.

The season begins after we spring ahead to daylight savings time (Vernal Equinox) and runs for approx 10 weeks.

Games are on Friday evenings.  There will never be a game that starts before 6:30PM, or ends after 10:30PM.


The registration deadline has passed.  Any registrations submitted now will go onto the waitlist.  We do encourage you to put yourself on the waitlist though!

In an effort to put more new players on each team, some teams will be beginner-heavy, and others will be made entirely of experienced players.  During registration, you'll be asked which group you fall into.  Please be honest; your answer WILL NOT affect your lottery chances or your position in the league.  

The beginner-heavy teams will only play against other beginner-heavy teams, and the experienced teams will only play against other experienced teams.  While this means that you'll have the same opponents a couple times during the season, we think that this will make the league more enjoyable for everyone.


Want to improve your knowledge of Ultimate, make new friends, and spread the joy of the game?  Become a captain!

We're always looking for experienced players of all genders to be team captains.  First-time captains are welcome; we'll pair you with an experienced co-captain, and we have resources and tips to help you throughout the season.  Just indicate you'd like to captain when you register, and we'll be in touch.  Thank you!


Verns is a great place to start your Ultimate career, or build on your fundamental skills.  This league focuses on spirit, learning, and having fun!  Your captains will guide you through learning the basics and then gradually working those skills into real games.  There are ten games, plus an introductory clinic -- plus, you get an awesome jersey!  New players are grouped together on teams, and play against other beginner-heavy teams throughout the season.  So don't be intimidated -- there will be plenty of people at your same skill level!

The cost for the league is $93.59, which includes tax.  That gets you ten weeks of play, an intro clinic, a sweet jersey, and a bunch of new friends.  It's a heck of a deal!