Field Information
Walt Hundley Playfield (at High Point Community Center)

6920 34th Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98126

Field Details

  • Walt Hundley - synth soccer 1
    Walt Hundley - synth soccer 2

    Field Turf, 120x75, lighted

    Newly renovated field now has a synthetic surface

  • Walt Hundley BB 3

    Grass, 120x40, irrigated

    Baseball field # 1, can fit full-size field in outfield

  • Walt Hundley BB 4

    Grass, 100x40, irrigated

    Baseball field # 2, smaller outfield

  • Walt Hundley Playfield - 1 (5v5) Northernmost 5-on-5 field
    Walt Hundley Playfield - 2 (5v5) Center 5-on-5 field
    Walt Hundley Playfield - 3 (5v5) Southernmost 5-on-5 field

    Field Turf, 120x40, lighted

    For 5-on-5 games, align three fields running east-west on the synthetic playfield, use the yellow mini-soccer field lines as a guide