DiscNW Tournaments

For a calendar of upcoming tournaments, please visit the DiscNW Tournaments page.

The listings on this page are for college and adult players. For information about youth playing opportunities, please visit the DiscNW Youth Ultimate page.


DiscNW Winter Tournaments

Resolutions - Coed, team tournament on the first non-holiday Saturday in January. Held annually at Magnuson Park, Resolutions serves 12 teams.


DiscNW Spring Tournaments

Slog in the Bog - Coed, team tournament on the second Saturday in March. Held annually at Skagit River Park in Burlington, Slog serves 12-20 teams.

Northwest Challenge - Elite college team tournament held at the end of March in Seattle and Burlington.

Gnarly Gnines - Coed teams play 9 games to 9 points with a roster maximum of 9 players. Held every May in Burlington, WA.

Vernament - Coed, hat tournament in the Shoreline/Seattle area that is geared towards beginner and intermediate level players.

Women & Men for All Seasons - a no frills, one-day tournament on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend in Lacey, WA at the Regional Athletic Complex with divisions for men and women.


DiscNW Summer Tournaments

Sunbreak - Held every July 4 weekend in Redmond, Washington, Sunbreak is one of the largest coed ultimate tournaments in the world. Now in its 26th year, the event draws teams from across North America (and a few from even farther away) with its potent blend of sun, fun, and ultimate. The tournament always showcases ultimate's unique spirit and some of the sport's most amazing athletes. This tournament used to be known as Potlatch but has been renamed as of January 2018.

Sea Plastic - Held in Ocean Shores at the end of July, this is Washington State's only beach ultimate tournament.  This is a fun, highly spirited, intimate, and competitive coed event.


DiscNW Fall Tournaments

Sundodger - A college tournament in late October with divisions for men and women that is held in Burlington, WA.

Turkey Bowl - A northwest tradition, this coed, hat tournament takes place at Magnuson Park. A potluck lunch is included for all players.

Chick Flick - A one-day women's hat tournament at Magnuson Park on the first Saturday of December.

Dangle Wrangle - A one-day men's hat tournament at Magnuson Park on the first Saturday of December.




Other Local Tournaments

This is an incomplete list of ultimate tournaments hosted in the Northwest.  Email info@discnw.org with corrections or additions.

4-Loco - hosted by Portland Ultimate - Portland, OR - indoors, coed, team - January

Mixtape Women's Hat Clinic & Tourney  - hosted by Seattle Mixtape - Seattle, WA - women's, hat - March

BOOTY! - hosted by Portland Ultimate - Portland, OR - women's, team - March

PLU BBQ - hosted by Pacific Lutheran University Ultimate  - Tacoma, WA - men's and women's, college team - March

Udderbowl - hosted by Nanaimo Ultimate Association - Nanaimo, BC - coed, team - March

Sausage Fest - hosted by Portland Ultimate - Portland, OR - mens, hat - late March

Onionfest - hosted by Whitman Ultimate - Walla Walla, WA - coed, team - April

Gandy Goose - hosted by Bend Ultimate - Bend, OR - coed, team - April

Rip City Goaltimate - hosted by Portland Ultimate - Portland, OR - coed, team - early May

Sunflicker - hosted by Kelowna Ultimate - Kelowna, BC - coed, team - early May

Whistler 5-on-5 - hosted by Whistler Ultimate - Whistler, BC - coed, team - May

Bozofest - hosted by Bozeman Ultimate - Bozeman, MT - coed, team - May

Flower Bowl - hosted by British Columbia Ultimate Society - Vancouver, BC - open & women's, hat - early June

Log Jam - hosted by Portland Ultimate - Hood River, OR - coed, team - late June

Maple Ridge Mad Hatter Tournament - hosted by Maple Ridge Ultimate - Maple Ridge, BC - coed, 5v5, hat - early July

Against the Grain - hosted by Portland Ultimate - Seaside, OR - coed team - mid-July

PNW Hootenany - USA Ultimate sanctioned tournament - Burlington, WA - mens, team - mid-July

Babes N' Hats - hosted by the Vancouver Ultimate League - Vancouver, WA - coed, hat - late July

CRB Memorial Tournament - USA Ultimate sanctioned tournament - Puyallup, WA - men's, team - late July

Northwest Mixed Cup - USA Ultimate sanctioned tournament - Seattle, WA - mixed, team - late July

Kleinman - hosted by Portland Ultimate - Crystal Lake Sports Complex in Corvallis, OR - coed, team - August

Scorcher - hosted by Boise Ultimate Scene - Meridian, ID - coed, team - early September

Geofest - hosted by Olympia Ultimate - Lacey, WA - coed, team - September

Huckleberry Hat - hosted by Washington State Ultimate - Pullman, WA - coed, hat - late September

Hanford Howl - hosted by the Desert Lorax - Richland, WA - coed, team - Halloween

Pumpkin Pull - hosted by the Victoria Ultimate Players Society - Victoria, BC - coed, team - Halloween