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The listing of games on this page does not necessarily indicate an endorsement from DiscNW.  Please check with the contact listed to ensure that a game listed is still active.  Please abide by all posted park rules and regulations when organizing any activities.

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Volunteer Park

Sun 11:30-13:30 - Contact: [Enable javascript to see email]

Where: Starting May 27, 2018 we are back at Volunteer Park for the summer! We play every Sunday rain or shine. The atmosphere is laid back attitude-wise (we don't worry about bounds or counting) but the play is highly athletic. All skill levels are still definitely welcome! for more info: Facebook group called Volunteer Park Pick-up (Seattle Sunday Ultimate) As a rule (one of our few rules), we play at Volunteer Park (1400 E Galer St.) from Spring to Fall and then we move to a more durable field for the winter (Jimi Hendrix Park at 2400 S Massachusetts St. in the Judkins neighborhood).

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Marymoor Regional Park

Sun 12:30-2:30 - Contact: [Enable javascript to see email] Still playing rain or shine. Usually located at Soccer Fields 10+, but moves around within the park if those fields are reserved or closed. All skill levels are welcome! We play with a stall count, cones, cleats, even call the occ. pick. Bring a white and dark colored shirt (not grey). Some high schoolers, some masters+, the occ. 10 year old - We just like to play.

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Evergreen State College Olympia, WA

Sun 2:00p-5:00p - Contact: kolosseus [at]

Everybody welcome - community pickup. Good group, a lot of fun. Plays at the Evergreen State College athletic fields, go to the campus and walk around (it's not that big). We're next to the tennis courts. Come join the swelling ranks of Olympia ultimate. More [frequently updated] information can be found at: Current info can also be found by finding the Olympia Ultimate Facebook group.

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Agren Park

Sun 16:00-18:00 - Contact: [Enable javascript to see email]

Community pick-up game on Vashon Island for March-June and Sept-Nov. All ages and abilities welcome.

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Blue Heron Middle School football/soccer fields Port Townsend, WA

Tue 6pm- - Contact: [Enable javascript to see email]

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Kasch Park

Mon 12:00-1Wed 12:00-1Fri 12:00-1 - Contact: [Enable javascript to see email]

Everett, WA - Come run with the Boeing Engineers for an hour in a fun, competitive, friendly, trash-talking environment. All genders and skill/swill levels are welcome. A rotating cast of characters has kept this game consistently happening for 30 years.

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Microsoft Campus Redmond, WA

Mon 12:30-2:00Wed 12:30-2:00Fri 12:30-2:00 - Contact: none

Lunch time pickup game on the Microsoft Campus in Redmond. Games happen year round, and skill level is relatively high. For more info, check out

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Travers Park Sandpoint, ID

Mon 18:00-darkThu 18:00-dark - Contact: radrick [at]

~ Traver's Park in Sandpoint, as in IDAHO ! ~ Mondays & Thursdays at 5:30pm in Summer, and starts earlier at 5:00pm in Spring & Fall shorter daylight hours. The park is located at Pine & Lincoln St., the very back most field in the northwest corner by the church and the railroad tracks.

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Volunteer Park (a.k.a. Smiley's Bottom) Anacortes, WA

Tue 18:30-??Sun varie- - Contact: wrenschultz [at] gmail [dot] com

Anacortes Ultimate! Summer times we're at Smiley's Bottom (a.k.a. Volunteer park behind the high school). Winter, we're on the turf softball field at Daniel's Field. Good fun. Check out facebook page for the details:

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Downtown Park and Rose Garden

Tue 12:30-1:45 Thu 12:30-1:45 - Contact: [Enable javascript to see email]

As of November 2018, this game is currently at its wintertime location at the Hidden Valley turf field in Bellevue (not downtown park).

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Robinswood Community Park

Fri 12:15-1:30p - Contact: [Enable javascript to see email]

We play pickup starting around 12:15 pm in Bellevue near Bellevue College. If you are interested, please email me.

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Tue 5:30P-sunseThu 5:30P-sunseSun 4:00-sunse - Contact: [Enable javascript to see email]

Fun, all-skill-levels-welcome pickup game at Franklin Park (23rd Ave & Tieton). Games at least through daylight savings. Schedule varies, but typically T/TH at 5:30P and Sundays at 4P. See for the latest info.

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San Juan Island: Friday Harbor Elementary School

Thu 5:30-7:30 - Contact: [Enable javascript to see email]

Informal, coed, all ages, all skills. No stall counts, pre-game calisthenics, or other organized foolishness. At the Elementary School. All welcome. Facebook:

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Tri-Cities, WA

Mon 5:30-8:00Sat 2:00-4:30 - Contact: [Enable javascript to see email]

Join us for all-level coed pickup in the Tri-Cities (Richland, Kennewick, Pasco). Mon/Weds pickup at 5:30 pm (frisbee time...) at Jason Lee Park in Richland. Saturday pick-up at Columbia Pt. Marina in Richland (past Anthony's restaurant) at 2pm. Check out our Facebook page ( for further information.

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Van Dorens Landing Park

Mon 12:15-1:30Wed 12:15-1:30Fri 12:15-1:30 - Contact: [Enable javascript to see email]

Updated Nov 2019: check: M, W, F. If we get 8, it's on. Noonish We're currently playing at Hogan Park on the turf in the outfield. South King County Pickup (Kent) Longest running ultimate pickup in history. Be part of the lore. Join the email distro--contact Tim Beigle (tim.beigle at gmail)

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Cedar heights Jr. High football field

Sat 2:00p-4:30 - Contact: [Enable javascript to see email]

2:00 on Saturdays at Cedar Heights Jr. High Football field in Port Orchard. Very regular group. email me to get on the list for updates--we occasionally change the time. Find us on facebook at south kitsap ultimate. The location changed recently and the game is very active, the best way to get updates is via the Facebook page.

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Cowen Stadium, or any field on Fort Lewis that is available

Tue 11am-1pmWed 11am-1pmThu 11am-1pm - Contact: [Enable javascript to see email]

Looking to start lunch time pickup at Fort Lewis. Contact me if you're interested and let's bring Ultimate to the base! All skill levels invited.

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Goodman Middle School

Sat 3 pm-whene - Contact: [Enable javascript to see email]

The games are very relaxed, no stall count, call your own fouls. The fields can get really muddy, so bringing cleats is a good idea. We play at 3 pm every saturday to whenever we get tired, which can sometimes be a while.

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South Whidbey Parks and Rec.

Thu 6:00p-7:30pSun 11:30-2:00P - Contact: [Enable javascript to see email]

On Sunday we have laid back pick up game of ultimate at the South Whidbey parks and rec; with another game on Thursday at the South Whidbey High School football field. The lights are on during Thursday's game. Anyone is welcome to come, all skill levels should find this game entertaining.

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Mount Vernon Bakerview Park

Sat 9:00-11:00 - Contact: [Enable javascript to see email]

Come join us Saturdays at Bakerview Park (playfields near the skate park). Mellow atmosphere. Anybody is welcome.

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Dahl Playfield

Tue 6:00p-8:30pThu 6:00p-8:30p - Contact: [Enable javascript to see email]

Darkness has descended, so on Tuesdays we are playing under the lights at Dahl (directly across from UPrep) for the fall. On Thursdays, we play on the Jane Addams Middle School turf, just across the street from Nathan Hale HS. Fun, casual pickup ultimate for players of all levels! We like playing competitive games, but mostly just have fun. We have been getting great numbers for both Tuesday and Thursday evenings all year round. No need to ask; game is always on (associated Saturday game at Magnuson is also all year round). Info and updates on the games are at Contact me with any questions, and we hope to see you there!

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Walt Hundley Playfield (at High Point Community Center)

Sun 10:00-12:00 - Contact: [Enable javascript to see email]

West Seattle Ultimate Family Frisbee (WSUFF) - Coed Intergenerational Disc - Spirit of the Game - - Sundays at 10:00 am at Walt Hundley Field at 6920 34th Ave SW Seattle, Washington -Game updates on WSUFF Facebook page

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Sun 5pm-7pm+ - Contact: [Enable javascript to see email]

Western Washington University Rec Turf in Bellingham, WA. Saturdays @ 5pm. All are welcome: all skills, ages, political bents.

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North Creek Sports Fields (north)

Mon 12-1Wed 12-1Fri 12-1 - Contact: [Enable javascript to see email]

Bothell North Creek Ultimate Pickup game. MWF 12 noon - 1 pm on business days. Bring a white shirt and a dark shirt. On North Creek field #4 Bothell, WA (across from the Seattle Times facility). Visit the Facebook Group:

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Mooberry Track

Tue 6:30p-8:30pThu 6:30p-8:30pSun 2:30p-4:30p - Contact: [Enable javascript to see email]

Pick up at Mooberry Track on the Washington State University Campus in Pullman Washington. Grass Fields. All are welcome. There is also a facebook group, email to be added to it. Typically play is during the summer only due to poor weather the rest of the year.

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Battle Point, Bainbridge Island AND Ridgetop Jr. High in Silverdale

Mon 5:00-DarkThu 5:45-Dark - Contact: [Enable javascript to see email]

ATTN Bainbridge / Poulsbo / Kitsap Ultimate Fans -- Spring Pick-up on Mondays and Thursdays. Mon- 5:00 at Ridgetop Jr. High in Silverdale; Thur - 5:45 at Battle Point Park on Bainbridge. Can also contact

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Magnuson Park

Sat 2:00 -5:00 - Contact: [Enable javascript to see email]

Just a bump to confirm that games go on 52 weeks a year rain or shine (often with two games when weather is nice) and has settled into Magnuson full time. Formerly the Maple Leaf Pickup Game and before that Wilson Pacific. We have moved to the Magnuson Park Sports Meadow to have a cushier field and sometimes access to turf. Come out for a fun afternoon of ultimate! All skill levels are welcome. We play all year round. Rain or shine. It is usually anyone from first-timers to league players, everyone is pretty chill about it though. We play with a stall count and most have cleats. Numbers have been great throughout the year. For more info, see

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Van Dorens Landing Park

Tue 5:00-7:00Thu 5:00-7:00 - Contact: [Enable javascript to see email]

We sometimes play at Van Dorens Landing Park, in Kent, and sometimes in Tukwila, at Starfire Sports Complex on the grass fields. We send out an email to remind players, but have an active website and if 8 people commit to coming out, a site admin calls game on. If you would like to get on the email distribution list or have any questions, contact me at Players comment on the blog post for the date in question, check which field we are on (it will say in the post), and then check to see if game on has been called at 3:30 or 4:00pm. Bring cleats, water, and a light and dark shirt. Skill level varies, all players welcome. We run from March-September. Website:

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Foster HS

Sat 2:30-? - Contact: [Enable javascript to see email]

Weekend Pickup at Foster High School in Tukwila. All skill levels welcome. Bring cleats and a light and dark shirt. Email if interested in palying

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Wildwood ES

Mon 7pm-830pmWed 7pm-830pm - Contact: [Enable javascript to see email]

Just come out whatever your skill level and we will even out some teams and get to know everyone.

Updated: Tue Aug 7 20:13:49 2012 (Edit)

Island Lake County Park (Sliverdale-Poulsbo)

Mon 7:00 -Dark - Contact: [Enable javascript to see email]

Every Monday at Island Lake County Park beginning May 13 and continuing into September. Final day of play still to be determined based upon the weather. Fun yet competitive Ultimate. All levels of skill are welcome. Ages 12 and up welcome to play. There may be an occasional Monday that we don't play. Please call, email, or text 360 478 2100 to confirm that we will be playing.

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Marshall Field in Monroe (W Hill & Kelsey St)

Sat 8-10ish - Contact: [Enable javascript to see email]

A group from our church just started playing a couple months ago, and we're welcoming all-comers for a relaxed and fun game. If more people start showing up, we can have separate games based on competitiveness, and may end up moving to Sky River Park in the future. Please email ahead of time to confirm if you're coming, or if you want to know if we have enough to play so you don't waste a trip if we end up canceling.

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Lakota JHS

Sat 1100-1400 - Contact: [Enable javascript to see email]

beginners just want to practice. need players that know what they're doing. Anyone?

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Canfield Middle School Coeur d' Alene, ID.

Sun 1:00-4:00 - Contact: [Enable javascript to see email]

We play every Sunday! Any skill level welcome. Come join us! You can find more info on our Facebook page, look up Coeur D' Alene Ultimate | CDA, Idaho

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Ashwood Playfield

Tue 12:30-1:45 Thu 12:30-1:45 - Contact: [Enable javascript to see email]

This location is no longer active and currently this is the Bellevue Downtown Park game during the Summer and is now located at the Hidden Valley fields in the Wintertime! Check those locations for more details.

Updated: Sun Dec 3 21:16:48 2017 (Edit)

Hidden Valley Sports Park

Tue 12:30-1:45 Thu 12:30-1:45 - Contact: [Enable javascript to see email]

As of November 2018, this game is currently at its wintertime location at the Hidden Valley turf field in Bellevue (not downtown park).

Updated: Thu Nov 29 08:11:29 2018 (Edit)

Fort Dent Park

Tue 5-7Thu 5-7 - Contact: [Enable javascript to see email]

Updated: Thu May 22 09:24:21 2014 (Edit)

Golden Gardens Beach

Mon 630-9 - Contact: [Enable javascript to see email]

Beach Ultimate! This is a fun/casual game of ultimate pick up on the beach. Semi-competitive, anyone is welcome to come. Every Monday starting June 9th through the end of the summer/early fall. We will NOT be meeting: 8/4/2014

Updated: Tue Jul 22 17:04:14 2014 (Edit)

Anacortes @ Smileys Bottom

Tue 6:30-8:30Sun 12:00-2:00 - Contact: [Enable javascript to see email]

Join us in Anacortes for a great game of Pick Up Ultimate on Tuesday's and Sundays. Any skill level is welcome. Games take place at Smiley's Bottom field, which is next to the Anacortes High School Track. Bringing a White & Colored Shirt for team distinction is encouraged.

Updated: Mon Aug 18 11:56:04 2014 (Edit)

Seattle University

Mon 5:30-7:00Wed 5:30-7:00Sat 11:00-1:00 - Contact: [Enable javascript to see email]

UPDATE APRIL 9th, 2014: Games on Monday and Wednesday have moved to Logan Field at Seattle University (12th and Jefferson). We're averaging ~20 on the Weekdays. Come join us, show up promptly at 5:30pm for first pull. Saturday game is back on at Bobby Morris Athletic Field @ 11am. We play through rain, shine, or killer bees. If we're not on the turf field (Bobby Morris Athletic Field), find us on the grassy area near the water fountains. If the weather sucks, cleat up. All skill levels welcome, unless you're better than me. Please bring a WHITE AND A DARK t-shirt. Looking forward to seeing some DiscNW players out there! Please RSVP on our page if you're new. Existing members will not typically RSVP.

Updated: Thu Apr 9 16:15:25 2015 (Edit)

Long Beach, WA Culberson Park

Wed 5: 00- - Contact: [Enable javascript to see email]

Discovery Coast Ultimate of the Long Beach Peninsula, Astoria and surrounding areas. All abilities, experience and ages welcome! Bring a dark and white top! Tentative schedule. Locations and times may change based on attendance.

Updated: Tue Mar 31 20:37:51 2015 (Edit)

Mel Korum YMCA

Mon 7:00p-10:00Fri 7:00p-10:00 - Contact: [Enable javascript to see email]

At the Mel Korum YMCA located at, 302 43rd Ave SE, Puyallup, WA 98374 is pick up indoor style. Games are played till 3 and you will play two games in a row. Then you will be set back onto the rotation! It does cost $5 and a waiver is to be signed but there are lights and staff on site.

Updated: Mon Dec 12 15:10:06 2016 (Edit)

Fairmount Playfield

Wed 6:30-8:00 - Contact: [Enable javascript to see email]

West Seattle Ultimate Family Frisbee (WSUFF) - Coed Intergenerational Disc - 6:30 PM Wednesdays at Fairmount Park Playfield, 5400 Fauntleroy Way SW -----

Updated: Mon May 7 10:35:49 2018 (Edit)

Lochsloy field

Sat 3:00-5:30 - Contact: [Enable javascript to see email]

All ages and experience levels welcome. We play rain or shine. It's very competitive, and we always have fun. Please email me if you can make it. My name is Noah.

Updated: Thu Sep 24 21:42:53 2015 (Edit)

(Renton) Starfire Field 8

Tue 5:30p-7:30pThu 5:30p-7:30p - Contact: [Enable javascript to see email] We play competitive pickup Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:30pm, and have the outdoor field #8 reserved at those times. Check the FB group for updates, and if you want to let us know you're coming!

Updated: Fri Aug 25 08:36:59 2017 (Edit)

Wenatchee WA Pickup

Mon 6:00-Thu 6:00- - Contact: [Enable javascript to see email]

Mondays & Thursday all year long: Spring and Summer - the field behind WHS 6 Fall - Walla Walla Park - 6:30 Winter - Foothills Middle school - 8-10pm Our facebook group is up to date with the info. Please post on the group, or send me an email to confirm.

Updated: Thu Aug 25 13:53:43 2016 (Edit)

Bellingham Sportsplex

Mon 8:30p-11pm- - Contact: [Enable javascript to see email]

From October-April, we play Goaltimate on Monday nights at 8:30pm until we're too tired to keep going.

Updated: Wed Mar 22 17:29:06 2017 (Edit)

U of Idaho Sprint Turf

Tue 6:00-7:30Thu 6:00-8:00 - Contact: [Enable javascript to see email]

Sprint Turf outside of the Kibbie Dome at the University of Idaho. Moscow, ID Some games on Sunday, including a burgeoning goalty pickup session. See page. Facebook group is called 'VIP Frisbee'. Times updated for Fall on 10/4/2017

Updated: Wed Oct 4 23:25:43 2017 (Edit)

Mill Creek Parks

Mon -Tue -Wed -Thu -Fri -Sat -Sun - - Contact: [Enable javascript to see email]

Welcoming all skill levels for some fun pick up! Join our Facebook page for more up-to-date news-

Updated: Tue May 28 10:10:50 2019 (Edit)

U of Idaho Tower Lawn

Fri 4:30p- - Contact: [Enable javascript to see email]

Moscow, ID Theophilus Tower Lawn 430pm Fridays

Updated: Wed Oct 4 23:23:59 2017 (Edit)

Marymoor Park

Sun 10:00-12:30 - Contact: [Enable javascript to see email]

Contact: Wes McDaniel Email: Phone: 425.891.7759 Website: Sundays: 10am Fields: Grass Description: Game at Marymoore soccer fields on Sundays. Summary: Our group has been playing since 2012. We come out for fun and exercise. Each game we strive for fair match-ups between experience, skill and speed. We usually get in 3 good games per session. Time: 10a on Sundays. Show up around then to get in some practice. Moves to Sat. once Seahawks games start. :) Competition Level: Pretty casual, but we do keep score. ;) Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate. All genders welcome. Adults only (18+). What to bring: Just a frisbee and probably some cleats. We have cones and jerseys to help form the teams. Weather: We play unless it's raining pretty good. If it's light rain or just showers we'll still play. We post updates via Facebook group and take final role call Sat. eod. Come out and have some fun! Ultimate!

Updated: Wed Aug 1 20:30:51 2018 (Edit)

Maple Leaf Playground

Sun 11-2 - Contact: [Enable javascript to see email]

Upper Mapleleaf Playield where reservoir was capped, near water tower. Relaxed and friendly. We don't play with stall counts, out of bounds, or really keep score. Children sometimes play with us as well. This doesn't keep us from some good solid play. New players welcome.

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