Women and Ultimate

One of the things that makes ultimate a special sport is its emphasis on inclusion and gender equity. Athletes who identify as female have many opportunities to play, learn, grow, and compete in this sport, and DiscNW is dedicated to supporting athletes of all identities. If you're looking to learn more about ultimate for women in the northwest, this is a great place to start!

Connect With Other Women

These resources are intended for women to connect with each other to solicit ideas, share opportunities, and support each other in a safe, inclusive environment. If you are looking to find more women players for your team/tournament/etc, please see the FAQ below.

Women's Ultimate
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Women's Masters

Facebook group

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Facebook group

Google Group

 Play With Other Women

  • Join the Winter Women's League (January - March)
    A hat league for athletes of all skill levels. This league emphasizes a high degree of sportswomanship, competition, and fun, including weekly themes and post-game outings to local hangouts.
  • Join the Summer Women's League (June- July)
    A hat league for athletes of all skill levels.  This league welcomes beginners.  It emphasizes sportswomanship and fun.  Participants will receive a Summer Women's League special edition disc.
  • Sign up for Chick Flick (early December)
    A one-day hat tournament that runs concurrently with its brother tournament, Dangle Wrangle. All skill levels are encouraged to come together for this unique opportunity to meet and play with other women in the area.
  • Interested in playing club ultimate with other women? Check out the Women in Club section below!

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Women in Club

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between pickup/league/hat/club?

  • Pickup games are very casual and require no commitment and are free - just show up when you like.  However, pickup games can sometimes be inconsistent in terms of skill level and regularity.
  • Leagues are organized events that require registration and a participation fee.  DiscNW offers a variety of leagues throughout the year.
  • Hat leagues accept individual registrations.  Players are placed on a team roster for the season.  Very few hat league teams conduct practices between games.
  • Team leagues are for established teams of players that wish to play together for the season.  Some team league teams conduct practices between games.
  • Club teams are more structured and practice frequently.  These teams are mainly for experienced and skilled players.  Club teams mainly travel to tournaments to find evenly matched competition.

I am a woman and would like to play more. What can I do?

  • Play pickup! Every pickup is different, so try playing at more than one to meet new people and find what works best for you. Teams are often looking for female players, and it's likely that someone at pickup will be open to taking on new players or know someone who is.
  • Post on the DiscNWAdultUltimate Facebook Group to try to find a league team. This is a common place for players and teams to look - so much so that there is a "Helpful Hints" post for players looking for a team.
  • Join a mixed hat league. DiscNW has many hat leagues that are great opportunities to meet new players, learn new skills, and play some fun ultimate. Check out the list of adult leagues to find what hat opportunities are coming up next.

I'm not a woman but I would like to support women in ultimate. How can I do this?

  • Start with some light reading. "An Open Letter To Male Players From A Guy"
  • Encourage female players in your life to take leadership roles on the field. Remember that men often opt-in as leaders when equally skilled women often don't. Find ways to combat this, whether it be by talking less and listening more, calling out overlooked good play by female players, or by finding female role models of your own.
  • Every female player who has played mixed has been the woman that no man throws to. Try to recognize any hidden bias you may have by not always looking for the long game or plays that value height and jumping ability over field position and strong fundamentals.
  • Come cheer on Winter Women's League!

I'm looking for more female players for my team. Where can I find them?

The DiscNWAdultUltimate Facebook Group is a good place to start. Otherwise, attending pickup, playing hat, or finding other ways to meet new players is your best bet.

What can I do if I'm a woman - or I know a woman - who wants to start playing?i

  • Vern's League in the Spring is a teaching league targeted at beginning players. Each team has a female and male captain who team new fundamentals each week. It's a great way to introduce someone to the sport - plus, every player gets a jersey!
  • Chick Flick is an annual women's hat tournament for players of all skill levels.
  • Women's Winter League in winter season has continually been praised as some of the best ultimate in the area to play due to its spirit, level of play, and focus on community and camaraderie.
  • Summer Women's League games are played on Monday evenings with players of a variety of skill levels.

Other Resources

Read the DiscNW Gender Inclusion Policy.

Read the FAQ about the USA Ultimate policy on gender equity.


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