Youth Club Teams

YES Team Rosters Announced


This year almost 300 players participated in the new Youth Elite Summer Program (YES!) tryout process. These tryouts were the most competitive we've had for youth in Seattle. It was inspiring to see such high level play accompany the high caliber of character and spirit we saw in the players who participated.

We want to congratulate the 150 young athletes that were selected to participate in the inaugural YES! program.  See team rosters here!


U17 Girls U20 Girls U20 Mixed U17 Boys U20 Boys U20 Mixed Local
Alex D Ada W Abby H Aidan L-E Adam J Abraham G
Alexa J-C Amy L Alexander K Alex N Atkin A Akash S
Amelia K (pp) Angelina J-C Amy N Assaf G Ben K-M Amanda D-C
Arika C (pp) Anna G Anika Q Ayyub J Cameron B Annie J
Cece H Aria K Carly C Bobby E Chackgarin B Anthony P
Chagall G Bailey S Chloe de C Ciaran P (pp) Connor R Cameron H
Dionne T Betsy S (pp) Chris H Colin N Corbin A Darbhi D
Ella B Evelyn R Christa-Andrea B Daniel C Cylas S Eden-Willow D'S
Guinevere F Gaby P Dante L-E David Z Elijah N Eli H
Hara C-M Ikran E Dylan B Declan M Gabe P Gabby D
Jackie N Jheazelle C Hazel O Isaac W Gabriel N Israel P
Joey B Lauren H (pp) Isaiah S-L (pp) Issac G Jasper D Jalil M
Kimberly P Lauren N Julia H Jaelon M Joshua K Jenny H
Laura T Louise K Kaloni S Martin L June T. R Julia N
Lauren G Lyra D Kayla P Maximillian Z Kai D Kat L-K
Leana G Michelle N Kennadi H Nico B Max B Marlee P
Lidet B Nikka I Kenny T Ocean H (pp) Miles B Sabine B
Lilliana W Nori C Le'Trell P Ryan S Peter L Saida N
Monica H Olivia G Marc M Sam F (pp) Quinn E Sang Chien S
Nyla M Sophie R Otis W Stephen S Tony V Sawyer B
Salena S Soumya K Peixian R Tucker K Walker F (pp) Sophia H
Shanti C Tess B Quentin H (pp) Wes P (pp) William T Soren D
Tiffany W (pp)   Samin Z Zavdi G Wiro W Stephen O
Yana W   Sophia P Zeppelin R Zachary H Yi Jenna L
    Spencer L   Zain W Yi Hong H
    Stephanie P     Zack B
    Tyler M     Zoe D
          ZsaZsa G



YCC Becomes YES!

DiscNW’s YCC program has been an integral part of Seattle Youth Ultimate for 12 years, and hundreds of amazing youth athletes have come together to firmly establish Seattle as a powerhouse.  YCC team alumni have become college, club and world champions. We’ve been doing this long enough that DiscNW YCC team alumni have become YCC coaches here and in other cities!

While DiscNW teams have won many championships over the years, what we are most proud of is the program’s unique ability to develop well rounded players and support the emotional growth of young people. DiscNW YCC players have always exemplified the kind of stewardship and commitment to community building that make Seattle proud.

After a summer of intense and immersive elite ultimate training these incredible young people go back to their schools and teams to become the leaders that our sport and world need.

We’ve reflected on the journey our YCC program has taken over the last 12 years and realized it’s time for the program to evolve in response to the massive growth our youth ultimate community has experienced.

This year we’re taking the first steps in this evolution. To begin, we are rebranding as the Youth Elite Summer!  (YES!) program. We are shifting the focus off just a single tournament and onto the incredible ways this program can build community, leadership skills, and spirit.

Coaches, program leaders, and staff have come together to map out a clear mission and three key values: Leadership, Excellence and Inclusiveness.

YES! will focus on competitive playing experiences and growth opportunities for players.  It will emphasize both spirit of the game and spirited competition, create more access for kids for equitable experiences, and build deeper bonds among amazingly diverse youth ultimate community that makes Seattle so unique in the country.

YES! Will expand opportunities and allow more players than ever the same access to incredible coaching, resources, and trainings.  This first year of the YES! program will include 5 travel teams (U17G, U17B, U20Mixed, U20G and U20B) and one brand new Mixed Local Team. All teams will have opportunities to work together to fundraise, train, learn and support one another.  

We are looking forward to the future of our YES! program and are excited for all the players who will be a part of this season! 


Please support our YCC Program with a recurring donation to the YCC Scholarship Fund!  In 2018, we anticipate awarding over $30,000 in aid to players who would otherwise be unable to attend the tournament in Blaine, MN.  A gift of any size helps, and is deeply appreciated.  You can contribute one time, or set up a modest monthly donation to help DiscNW support the amazing young players from our region.  Thanks!

2018 YCC Head Coaches Announced

We are incredibly excited about this amazing group of coaches and the leadership that they bring to the YCC program!  

U20 Girls’ Team Co-Head Coaches

Amanda Kostic has been coaching ultimate since 2010 where she began coaching at Salmon Bay Middle School, what what?! Since then she has helped coach and won gold at two youth club championships, coached Nathan Hale to a Westerns gold in 2016 as well as Seattle Invite in 2012 and 2016, and numerous league championships. She has coached the U20 Australian girls and will be helping coach the Australian women's club team, Elipsis this summer in addition to the U20 DiscNW girls. Her coaching philosophy can be summed upby three traits, confidence, heart and sense of urgency. As an alumna of the DiscNW YCC program, she looks forward to bringing back the gold in 2018!

Casey Ikeda started playing ultimate in 2000 and this is his 11th year coaching youth ultimate. As a coach, he has taught a wide range of skill levels and ages, from elementary school clinics to one on one training with U19 Jr. Worlds Players. Most recently he has coached Seattle's U20 Boys YCC team and is the NWS Girls Varsity High School assistant coach. As a youth ultimate player, he was a four-time state champion (04-07), two-time YCC champion (05 & 07), and two time U19 Jr. Worlds champion (06 & 08) and he currently playing on Seattle Mixtape. Casey loves the ultimate community and is excited to coach players who are passionate to improve, resilience though challenges, and accountable to their teammates.

U20 Mixed Team Head Coach

Taylor Kanemori considers herself raised by the Seattle ultimate community. She grew up on the sidelines watching her older brothers play and joined a team as soon as she could in the 6th grade at UPrep. Playing ultimate has been a passion ever since but coaching is where she really found her place in this community. Being able to share the love of this sport with the amazing, spirited and talented youth this city has to offer- has and continues to be the highlight of her ultimate career.


U20 Boys’ Team Head Coach

Ben Snell started playing ultimate in 2010 as a freshman in college at the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill. In 2014-2015 he captained the team and won a national championship. Ben has played club for Washington D.C. Truck Stop, Denver Johnny Bravo, Seattle Voodoo, and currently Seattle Sockeye. In 2015 he won gold with the USA Under 23 Open team. Presently, Ben is the head coach of the Ingraham Varsity Boys program and co-coaches the Seven Hills Red Boys team. In the past, he has coached at the middle school, high school, YCC, and adult club levels. Ben enjoys working with players who have an intense desire to compete, improve, and ask questions and is thrilled at the opportunity to continue working with talented youth players from across Seattle this summer with the U20 YCC boys team.


U17 Girls’ Team Head Coach

Vida Towne is a long time elementary school PE teacher and Ultimate coach. She has been coaching Ultimate in the Seattle area for about 20 years. In 1998, Vida began her coaching career at Pathfinder School, in West Seattle, where she started a brand new program. She coached high school girls’ varsity at The Northwest School, for about 8 years. She left The Northwest School to devote her time growing a program at the school where she teaches--The Bertschi School. Vida has played Ultimate since 1992. She played for Women on the Verge and, when that team dissolved, was a founding member of Seattle Riot, which she captained for 3 years. When Riot wen the National Championships in 2004, Vida was awarded the inaugural Kathy Pufhal Spirit Award. Vida enjoys sharing her passion for the sport, the culture and the people, to beginning 3rd graders and seasoned high school players alike.


U17 Boys’ Team Head Coach

Reid Koss.  This is my 7th year coaching the U-16/17 boys Seattle YCC team, having brought home a gold medal in each of the previous 6 tournaments. In addition to coaching YCC, I have coached the Varsity Boys at The Northwest School since 2009, and am currently the head coach of the U-20 boys National Team. I started playing ultimate as a college Freshman in the fall of 2003 at Western Washington University and quickly became addicted to the sport. After 5 years at Western, I moved to Seattle, mainly to play ultimate. I played with Seattle Voodoo for 4 years, and have been playing with Seattle Sockeye since 2010, captaining the team for the past 3 years. I'm excited for the opportunity to continue coaching the Seattle U-17 boys and look forward to being able to continue to develop all the young talent that Seattle has to offer.

 Youth Club Championships (YCC)

The Youth Club Championships is an annual national youth club team tournament hosted by USA Ultimate. Every year DiscNW hosts tryouts for our 5 YCC teams:

  • U19 Mixed
  • U19 Girls
  • U19 Open
  • U16 Girls
  • U16 Open

Each team is comprised of 17-21 players. DiscNW hosts YCC Tryouts  open to all youth players, 19 years old and younger. Players selected to the 5 YCC teams will travel to the YCC Tournament in early to mid August. 


Other Club Team Opportunities