DiscNW Youth Ultimate Camps

DiscNW's Youth Ultimate Camps bring youth athletes together with high quality coaching for an immersive and fun experience.  
Held across Seattle, Bellevue, and Tacoma, Campers develop their skills in Ultimate Frisbee, make new friendships,
foster existing connections, and gain a greater understanding of spirit of the game.

DiscNW hosts several summer camp sessions for grades 3-12. We offer day camps at
Magnuson Park, Bellevue, West Seattle and Shoreline.

Financial aid is available for all camps. 

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Campers that register for 3 DiscNW camps this summer (TUC, Magnuson, Eastside, Tacoma) may request 10% off on all camps. 
Campers that register for 4 DiscNW camps this summer (TUC, Magnuson, Eastside, Tacoma) may request 15% off on all camps. 
These payments must be made by check or via a Paypal invoice.

Social-Emotional Learning

Players will develop more than just their disc skills at Seattle Youth Ultimate Camps. The foundation of Ultimate Frisbee is called Spirit of the Game. Spirit of the Game emphasizes

 * Mutual respect between opponents * Playing fair * Trust in your teammates & opponents to make correct calls * Honesty * 
* Active listening * Collaborating with everyone on & off the field *

Campers develop relationships & communication skills in various games and team challenges, practice implementation of rules knowledge, develop discernment as they consider calls being made, advocate for themselves as they learn to make calls, and grow through self reflection after activities. 

Skill Development

Throughout the week at camp, players will grow their individual & team skills including:

--The rules of ultimate & how to play
--Spirit of the Game, the foundation of the sport

--Offensive movement
       Running & cutting footwork & fundamentals 
       Identifying open spaces & roles on the field
       Moving with others to generate flow

---Throwing stance, accuracy, consistency, and distance

--Defensive skills
       Downfield defensive positioning & responsiveness
       Guarding the thrower
       Safety & body control

Drills and practice vary at every level but these major themes will be touched on in each division to varying degrees of depth & difficulty.

Friends, Free time, & Fun

One of our camp’s core values is to build relationships among players. Throughout the week players are placed in various groups in order to find new connections and build long lasting friendships. Players will have the opportunity to do this during structured activities each day and through supervised free time each morning, during snack break, and lunch. In all divisions players will scrimmage, play large group disc related games, and learn spirit games every day at least once.

 DiscNW CIT Program

The SYUC Coach in Training program is designed to develop high school aged players into strong leaders and coaches in the ultimate community. CIT’s will be paired with various adult coach mentors throughout the week with the following goals:

  1. Develop effective communication styles,

  2. Learn drill development and sequencing,

  3. Become role models who develop positive relationships & rapport with campers.

CITs will participate in small group feedback sessions on their coaching skills, lead camp activities with support & independently (later in the week), and enjoy a rich,  immersive experience coaching of a youth ultimate.

 Interested in being a CIT?

 DiscNW Summer Camp Coach Program

Our summer camps are lead by experienced coaches many raised within the Seattle youth Ultimate community. Coaches create an enjoyable & safe environment for campers, andy also commit to developing as coaches each week. Coaches participate in personal coach development exercises throughout each week to stay up to date on best practices for instruction, safety, and fun. This includes pre and post camp meetings, goal setting and tracking, check-ins with the Coach Director, and more. Coaches also participate in a training day prior to the beginning of camp.  

Interested in being a SYUC coach?